Genoa, Italy
Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti II aircraft achieves Certification by Brazil's National Aviation Authority (ANAC)

Piaggio Aero has received both type and production certificates,  for its P.180 Avanti II Aircraft  from Brazil’s  National Civil Aviation Authority  - Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil –(ANAC).

The ANAC type-certificate confirms that the design of the aircraft complies with Brazilian rules having previously gained both EASA and FAA certifications in 2005. The Avanti II can now be legally sold, registered and operated throughout Brazil.

The Agency’s certification process started in 2009 with a team consisting of experts from the Certifying Authority ANAC Brazil, and the engineering and certification teams of Piaggio Aero.

"We are honoured to receive ANAC certification for the Avanti II on schedule, after the launch of our product into the Brazilian Market last August opening the way for our first aircraft deliveries in Brazil," said Eligio Trombetta, Piaggio Aero General Manager. "Piaggio Aero is fully committed to making quality products available to the executive aircraft market around the world, offering them comprehensive technical and maintenance support."

“When we launched the P.180 Avanti II into the Brazilian Market, we wanted to offer an unparalleled product to the Brazilian business aviation market,” said John M. Bingham, Piaggio Americas President and CEO and Chief Marketing officer for Piaggio Aero. 

“Besides delivering a product with unique and innovative features, we are very happy to be able to offer to Brazilian customers for the first time an aircraft which represents a great alternative to the other older, established aircraft in the market. Above all, they will be amazed at how we operate at up to 33% lower operating costs, and leave a much smaller carbon footprint than those other aircraft, with far superior performance and shorter flight times in our enormous cabin.”

The Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II is the world’s fastest turboprop aircraft with an outstanding performance and specification for the Brazilian market. With a maximum speed of 402kts /745kph and a range of just under 1500 nautical miles, the aircraft is well suited to both long and short distance trips and runway

Its full stand up cabin, the biggest in its class of mid size jets and twin turboprops by far, provides an airy, comfortable and serene flight for its passengers aided by its low cabin noise and sea level pressurization. Besides its own impressive capabilities, the Piaggio P180 Avanti II is also the only aircraft to proudly display the legendary "prancing horse" livery, as it is the chosen business aircraft of the Scuderia Ferrari, the Ferrari Racing Team.

Piaggio Aero is already represented in Brazil by NOAR Aviação part of Brazil’s NOAR Airlines, based in Recife, who are the exclusive Brazilian agent for the Piaggio P180 Avanti II aircraft. NOAR will promote, distribute and service the Piaggio Aero brand and its aircraft.

“We are delighted to be bring Piaggio aircraft to this market and our customers will be surprised at what a great alternative it is to other aircraft already sold in Brazil” said Rodrigo Teixeira, Director of NOAR Aviacao. “Above all, they will be amazed at how well the Piaggio P180 Avanti II operates in Brazil and how perfect the aircraft is for our market and missions here.”

NOAR Aviacao is also the first Piaggio Aero factory authorized service center in Brazil, with additional service centers to quickly follow before, the delivery of the first aircraft into the country. The authorization allows the NOAR service center to perform factory-authorized maintenance, repair and overhaul services on the P180 Avanti II aircraft.