Villanova d’Albenga
Carlo Logli appointed Chairman of the Liguria Aerospace Cluster: “ Investing together in Aerospace in Liguria”

The Liguria Aerospace Cluster was developed under the joint efforts of Piaggio Aerospace , Confindustria Genova, Consorzio SIRE, d’Appolonia S.p.A., LAERH S.p.A, Metodi Engineering, S.r.l., Rosso Carbon S.r.l., Sekur Sistemi, S.r.l., Bonetti Group S.p.A.; Engineering Dept of Mechanics, Energy and Transport Management of Genoa University, in order to create a network for the development and the enhancement of the aerospace excellences currently present and growing in the Liguria region, thus laying the groundwork for the development of a new technological aerospace district.
The Cluster’s mission is promoting the regional scientific and entrepreneurial excellences with the aim to encourage the creation and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the aerospace sector.
During the first session, the organizing committee appointed Mr Carlo Logli, Chief Executive Officer of Piaggio Aeropace, as Chairman of the Cluster.
Aerospace is a high technological sector where more and more resources should be invested in order to revitalize the economy’. Carlo Logli said ‘The birth of the Aerospace Cluster in Liguria opens up important opportunities, encouraging the creation of a strong network to boost the best local existing excellences and supporting research in order to create a proper competitive system. The new regional cluster will contribute making our Region a strategic one in the aerospace field, basing on the solid experience already proved by existing companies and research centers
and thanks to the recently launched innovative projects, supported by relevant investments.
It is essential to keep on working together building a system both on a regional and national scale, and continue to promote the synergies between Industry, Research centers and Institutions in order to endorse every opportunity of mutual collaboration
’ concluded the CEO of Piaggio Aerospace.