State of the art production facilities at the Piaggio Aerospace Villanova d’Albenga aviation plant have been designed and fitted to execute every conceivable operation in the aerospace engineering process to the highest level of precision.

Piaggio Aerospace works under license and in partnership with leading international aircraft manufacturers from all over the world, all of whom benefit from the cutting edge technology available at our newly built centre of excellence.

A global player in the aero engine sector, Piaggio Aerospace specialises in constructing components, final assembly and testing, as well as handling the complete maintenance, repair and overhaul of a wide range of engines under license from Rolls Royce Plc, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney and Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The Company has also entered into long-term agreements with Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Micro Turbo, whose engines are fitted to both civil and military aircraft and helicopters around the world.

Aero engine assembly and testing

Piaggio Aerospace builds individual sub assembly modules as well as fully tested and certified complete aero engine assemblies

Hi tech capabilities for assembling and testing aircraft engines under license from other manufacturers offered by our Villanova d’Albenga facility have significantly expanded the dimensions of Piaggio Aerospace’s operational activities.
The company currently assembles aircraft engines for the following programs:

55-L-714 A

Pratt & Whitney Canada
PW206 & PW207 (includes Sub Assembly Modules)

The engines assembled are completed in a specialised plant with extensive testing space and type-specific assembly areas.


Along with the companies many other activities, the MRO division greatly benefits from years of experience in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of a wide variety of aircraft engines covered by our various licensing agreements.

The full range of MRO activities includes the following programs and engines...

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Production of parts

Piaggio Aerospace has many years of experience in constructing parts employing the most advanced technology.

Piaggio Aerospace manufactures parts and components for the following programs...

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Pratt & Whitney PW200

Piaggio Aerospace produces a significant percentage of PW206 and PW207 engine components, assembling these parts in the completed engine as well as testing and delivering the product to the final customer.

The company is also responsible for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of engines throughout their lifecycle.

The PW200 program involves all aspects of engine management at Piaggio Aerospace and has required us to develop new strategies to increase investment in machinery and facilities and reach new levels of lean production.

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Pratt & Whitney America JSF - F135

The F135 program with Pratt & Whitney America is one of the most advanced military programs ever developed.

Piaggio Aerospace have secured an agreement for the production and supply of a package of important components in several critical areas of the F135 engine. Participation in the program includes the manufacture of low-pressure turbine casings and high pressure turbine supports, along with various other components. Production planning for the individual parts is shared between Piaggio Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney.

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