First Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II order for a French Costumer signed at the 46th Paris Le bourget Air Show

Paris - June 14, 2005 Piaggio Aero and Boutsen Aviation announced today (June 14) the sale of a new Piaggio P180 Avanti II to a French private customer.

"The order comes just a few months after the same company took delivery of its first aircraft, a P180 Avanti. The company's principals have been so enthusiastic with the speed and comfort of their first P180 that they have decided to increase their fleet to allow their business to grow at the same pace," said Thierry Boutsen, President of Boutsen Aviation and Sales Agent for Piaggio Aero in France, Belgium and Monaco.

“The P180 Avanti II, which will be delivered in January 2008, was selected over competitors, thanks to its the state of the art avionics, enhanced performance and the lowest operating costs in the world of stand-up cabin aircraft. Our customers love the Avanti. They take advantage of the quiet cabin to organise business meetings during their flying trips. They will be achieving close to 500 flight hours this year with their first aircraft," commented Massimo Isidori, Piaggio Senior Vice President Commercial- P.180 Avanti.

The new Avanti II, featuring Rockwell-Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, increased cruise speed and bigger payload, together with its outstanding performance, makes it the fastest and most advanced corporate turboprop in the world. Holder of numerous speed records, the Avanti is capable of flying over 1,700 nautical miles at up to 395 kts (450 mph) and cruises at altitudes up to 41,000 ft.       

This jet-like performance comes with a stand-up cabin that is larger than many mid-size business jets. At 69” in height and 73” wide, the Avanti provides its passengers with a level of comfort found only in much larger and more expensive business jets. The Italian-designed and built aircraft is certified for single pilot operation and seats up to nine passengers. The Avanti II builds on the success of the P.180 Avanti which has amassed 70 + orders to date.

Founded in 1997 by Thierry Boutsen, ex-Formula 1 Grand Prix winner, Boutsen Aviation is a leading European aircraft sales organization. Headquartered in Monaco, with a subsidiary in Luxembourg, the company has achieved over 85 aircraft sales worldwide and has a firmly established aircraft management business. This aircraft is the fifth P180 sold by Boutsen Aviation since the company started representing Piaggio Aero.