Piaggio Aero Industries delivers the first P180 Avanti II to ENAV

Genoa, 4th March 2009 - Today Piaggio Aero Industries delivered, at Ciampino’s Airport, to ENAV the first of the two aircrafts P180 Avanti II bought by ENAV to ensure in-flight monitoring of radio assistance for routes and airports (VOR, DME, ILS etc.), in order to validate the accuracy of the indications provided and compliance with international rules.
The Italian Company for Air Navigation Services, that has its own aircraft fleet available for this purpose; has now decided to renew it with two new P180 AVANTI II aircraft, purchased from Piaggio Aero Industries (with the option for a third one) following an European tender.
The first P180 Avanti II aircraft delivered today will enable the ENAV pilots to acquire the new license for flying these aircraft, as well as to ensure that maintenance personnel can become familiar with them.

This preparatory phase is required so that when the first aircraft fully equipped with the latest NSM UNIFIS 3000 technology is delivered, the aircraft can be used immediately for the complete Flight Inspection Service of the radio signals emitted by the various air navigation equipment.
The first version aircraft just delivered will be suited for conducting in-flight testing of optical landing indicators.