RUAG Aerospace - Lugano-Agno: New Authorized Service Centre for Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti - Avanti II

Berne/Emmen, May 13, 2009 - Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. have lastly appointed RUAG Aerospace to become a new Service Centre for the P180 Avanti Avanti II business aircraft.
Maintenance and overhaul services will be carried out at the Lugano-Agno site.
In the frame of our continuous effort to provide first class services, Piaggio Aero and RUAG are in discussion to set up a cooperation agreement to offer premium services to our common customers.

RUAG has been certified at its Lugano-Agno site by Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A (Genoa) as authorized Service Centre to serve the European and Middle East customers to perform maintenance, repairs and modifications to the P180 Avanti all generation.
This agreement represents a long-term commitment to satisfying Piaggio Aero customers by offering a professional Avanti aircraft service network, a convenient and efficient aircraft support and superior services.
Moreover, its longstanding experience with the business and executive aircraft enables RUAG to develop enhanced services in cooperation with Piaggio. Therefore we are in the process to establish a cooperation agreement the following services to offer through Piaggio Aero premium services such as

- Development of Supplementary Type Certificate (STC),
- Power-by-the Hour services,
- Cabin refurbishment,
- Market/Implementation of the Service Bulletin,
- Optimization of aircraft maintenance practices, and
- CAMO services.

RUAG are delighted to serve the P180 Avanti, which is a real Italian masterpiece which combines the exclusive elegance and unmatched comfort of the Made in Italy design with superior performance.

The Avanti II offers the speed of a light jet aircraft, the comfort of a large, whisper quiet and real stand-up cabin, with fuel efficiencies that are nearly 40% higher than most business jets. The P.180 Avanti II features the fully digital, automatic flight control and displays of the latest generation “Pro Line 21” avionics system, the most advanced on the market today. The P.180 is single pilot certified and is able to carry on up to 9 passengers. The maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 12,100 lbs gives the P.180 Avanti II greater payload range, and the introduction of the updated engines (P&WC PT6A-66B) provides higher performance, faster cruise speed. The Piaggio Aero aircraft is able to operate out of smaller peripheral airports with landing and take-off distances that are simply unachievable in a comparably sized jet. The P.180 is able to fly at a maximum cruise speed of 402 kts, 745 km/h (MMO 0.70), the Avanti II is the first business turboprop to reach this significant speed milestone.

For enquiries:

    Christiane Schneider
    Head of Communication RUAG Holding
    Tel. + 41 31 376 64 63

    Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A.
    Contact person: open

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