Piaggio Aero presents the P180 Avanti II Flight Inspection aircraft

New ENAV aircraft now operational

A new Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti II F.I. aircraft, purchased by ENAV, the Italian Company which provides air Traffic Control service, was handed over to them on Friday April 16th in Rome at the ENAV Flight Inspection base at Ciampino Airport.

Dignitaries present at the event included the ENAV Chairman, Cmdr. Luigi Martini, CEO Guido Pugliesi and General Manager Massimo Garbini; representing ENAC (The Italian  Civil Aviation Authority) were their Chairman, Vito Riggio; and from Piaggio Aero Chairman, Piero Ferrari, CEO, Alberto Galassi and Deputy General Manager, Giuliano Felten.

ENAV manages the safety and regulation of air navigation and also oversees             in-flight route inspection and airport radio measurement (VOR, DME, ILS etc.)to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the transmissions with internationally recognised regulations. They have their own fleet of aircraft and this new Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II aircraft adds to one ENAV had previously acquired. Both aircraft are equipped with the very latest generation NSM UNIFIS 3000 technology.

The ENAV Piaggio aircraft are classified for “Radio measurement air work” and calibration and dedicated specifically and, exclusively to this type of mission. They will be used immediately for the air measurement service and verification of radio signals emitted by a variety of air navigation equipment.

The purchase, agreed to by the Board of Directors, was necessary to maintain the high safety standards of Italian airports, with increasing improvements to air traffic efficiency, as well as meeting the requirements of many international airport facilities that ENAV provides service to.

The operational efficiency of the P180 Avanti II platform with, its state of the art systems, is designed to ensure accurate flight inspection of all aspects of radio, radar, sight procedures and assistance installed in Italy and the European Union.

The turboprop Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II has a range of 1470 nautical miles IFR delivering up to 4.5 hours flight time ; a top speed of 402 kts (463 mph,745 km/h),a climb rate of 844 meters (2532 feet) per minute and a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet (12,500 meters).

This performance while similar to a jet returns 40 % lower fuel consumption with greater operational efficiency and much lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The aircraft is also certified for rapid landing procedures, an essential factor in missions for radio measurement and the calibration of airport control systems.

The new P180 Avanti II aircraft now in service with the ENAV fleet guarantees measurement and control of the following system operating capacities:


ILS: Instrumental Landing System – automatic landing procedures under any environmental conditions (infrastructural and weather)

VOR: Vhf Omni directional Radio range – Radio navigation systems

TACAN: Tactical Air Navigation – Radio navigation system in military frequency

MLS, DME-P: Microwave Landing System – Low frequency guided landing system

VDF: Vhf Direction Finder – Radio source direction finder

COM UHF and UF: Radio communications systems

PAPI: Precision Approach Pat Indicator – Landing light system, airport lights, surface radar, various types of GNSS systems, radio interference monitoring, signal quality monitoring.

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