Piaggio Aero will attend the Cannes Air Show 2011

Formerly called Eur-Avia, the fifth edition of this annual exhibition will be staged at Cannes-Mandelieu Airport (CEQ), in the prestigious business center and tourism destination.

The AirShow will open its doors from Thursday 9th to the11th of June, 2011.
Mainly intended for owners, pilots, enthusiasts and professionals in the business aviation field, this event showcases a complete range of aviation related products and services, such as Ultralights, Single-engine, Twin-engine, Turbo Prop, Jet, Helicopters, Flight schools, Financing, Services, Maintenances.

The Cannes AirShow represents an outstanding opportunity for Piaggio Aero because it is an important business get-together for pilots, owners and new wealthy clients from Europe, Middle-East, and Russia.
This event has been conceived to be one of the best summer exhibition in the aviation industry.

The P.180 Avanti II executive aircraft will be displayed at the static area.

The P.180 looks different from any other aircraft and offers unrivalled efficiency: 33% lower operating costs, 40% less fuel use than most business jet, up to 40% fewer carbon emissions.

Piaggio Aero?s aircraft can reach jet speeds: Avanti II surpasses 402 kts and it handles the shortest runways.

Don?t miss the chance to take a closer look at the only aircraft that allows perfect maximum performance and maximum savings at the same time.

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