Genoa, Italy
Piaggio Aero delivers the first P.180 Avanti II to JSC Flight Inspections and Systems. Russian Operator purchases 5 more P.180 Avanti II Flight Inspection

Piaggio Aero is proud to announce at the Dubai Air Show the delivery of the first P.180 Avanti II aircraft to JSC FIS, the Russian company which provides Flight Inspection and calibration services.

JSC FIS and Piaggio Aero have also jointly announced the signing of new contract for 5 more P.180 Avanti II “Flight Inspection” aircraft to be delivered from 2012.

Air Company Flight Inspections and Systems is an officially authorized representative of the State Corporation for an AIR traffic management organization and flight inspections of ground systems and navigation aids. The company is responsible for inspecting navigation, radar, communication in the CIS territories. 
JSC Flight Inspection and Systems already operates an extensive fleet of laboratory type aircrafts, equipped with modern complex systems of flight control. The company inspects radio aided flight systems, radio communications and airfields light systems of all types.

Flight Inspections and Systems has a 100% share of the aviation work on flight inspections in the civil airdromes of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Alberto Galassi, CEO of Piaggio Aero declared “We are delighted to begin Piaggio Aero’s partnership and cooperation with the Flight Inspections and Systems company whose work is so essential to the strategic developments of Russian aviation sector . 

This first delivery, which is the result of an intensive evaluation process, confirms how well suited the P.180 Avanti II Flight Inspection is to the rigorous requirements of Russian flight calibration missions”. 

“The contract for 5 more units is the mile stone of a long term expansion plan that Flight Inspection and Systems will realize thanks to its incoming fleet of P.180 Avanti II Flight Inspection and the support of Piaggio Aero’s expertise in the special mission sector”.

The Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II has a range of 1470 nautical miles IFR delivering up to 4.5 hours flight time ; a top speed of 402 kts (463 mph,745 km/h),a climb rate of 844 meters (2532 feet) per minute and a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet (12,500 meters). 

This performance while similar to a jet returns 40 % lower fuel consumption with greater operational efficiency and much lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The aircraft is also certified for rapid landing procedures, an essential factor in missions for radio measurement and the calibration of airport control systems.

The P180 Avanti II FI is equipped with latest state of the art Flight Inspection and calibration system; the aircraft guarantees measurement and control of the following system operating capacities:


ILS: Instrumental Landing System – automatic landing procedures under any environmental conditions (infrastructural and weather)
VOR: Vhf Omni directional Radio range – Radio navigation systems
MLS, DME-P: Microwave Landing System – Low frequency guided landing system
VDF: Vhf Direction Finder – Radio source direction finder
COM UHF and UF: Radio communications systems
PAPI: Precision Approach Pat Indicator – Landing light system, airport lights, surface radar, various types of GNSS systems, radio interference monitoring, signal quality monitoring.