Shanghai, China
Piaggio Aero appoints Freesky Aviation as its first P.180 Avanti /II Authorized Service Center in Mainland China

Piaggio Aero is pleased to confirm at ABACE 2014 its continued commitment to its expansion in China by appointing FreeSky Aviation Co. Ltd as the first P.180 Avanti/II authorized service center in mainland China.

FreeSky Aviation, which already manages 2 P.180 Avanti II aircraft for charter operations, will now also provide first class factory authorized maintenance and repair to all Piaggio Aero Avanti?s customers and operators in China. In keeping with true Piaggio Aero fashion, the first authorized service center in China will not only offer P.180 Avanti/II repairs and regular maintenance, but also ensure worry-free flights and an exceptional overall aircraft ownership experience.

The P.180 Avanti II service center is established at Freesky Aviation' s main operating base and headquarters at Tianjin International Airport.

Since 2008, the Piaggio Aero brand has almost doubled its worldwide service network and commenced an ongoing commitment to the Asia Pacific region.

" As we continue to grow our business across Asia, we are pleased today to appoint FreeSky Aviation as our first service center in China ; they will provide support and state of the art maintenance service to all P.180 Avanti II owners and operators " said Piaggio Aero Chief Commercial Officer Giuliano Felten  " Piaggio Aero is fully committed in making extraordinary quality products and support them with best in class Service Centers. The establishment of Free Sky Aviation as a P.180 Avanti/ II authorized service center marks a red letter day in Piaggio Aero ' s plan to deliver to China the economics, performance, style and continuous efficiency of the most unique aircraft in business aviation "
" Being appointed as first P.180 Avanti /II authorized Service Center in China is a great milestone for Freesky Aviation and it also represents a solid step forward in the development of our business " declared Mr Han Wenjun, Vice President od FreeSky Aviation  "  I would like to thank Piaggio Aero for the support and confidence in Freesky Aviation ; As their first Authorized Service Center in China, we will provide professional and comprehensive service to Avanti operators and we will further expand the customer service network of Piaggio Aero "

Piaggio Aero and FreeSky investment in market development and product support make commercial sense on two levels: China has a huge potential for aviation and its fast expanding business aviation market is expected to grow and open rapidly in the coming years with the Chinese Government moving to tap its enormous potential and the benefits it offers to Chinese companies and individuals alike. In this scenario the P.180 Avanti II with its superior performances and its unique, contemporary design will be one of the most appreciated aircraft by the selective Chinese customers; besides its own impressive capabilities, the P.180 Avanti II represents the Italian excellence and it is the only aircraft to proudly display the legendary " prancing horse  " livery of the Scuderia Ferrari, the Ferrari Racing Team, as it is their chosen business aircraft due to its state of the art technology and unrivalled Italian style.