Farnborough, UK
Piaggio Aero delivers at Farnborough Air Show 2014 the first P.180 Avanti II Extended Range to SR Jet

Piaggio Aero (Chalet OE2) delivers at Farnborough Air Show the first P.180 Avanti II “Extended Range” to SR Jet, part of the Beijing based Sparkle Roll Investment Holdings Limited,

The SR Jet aircraft is the first Avanti aircraft able to fly for more than 1,720 Nm, thanks to the installation of a permanent additional tank - which replaces only half of a closet in the toilet and with no changes to the airframe - that allows the fuel capacity of the Piaggio Aero iconic aircraft to grow from 2,826 lb to 3,226 lb enabling a comfortable nonstop flight from Beijing to Hainan or Hanoi, Milan to Reykjavik and Samara, Abu Dhabi to Istanbul and Chennai. 

Sparkle Roll Investment Holdings Limited (SR Group) Sparkle Roll General Aviation Ltd ( SR Air) was founded in September 2013,and is a privately owned aviation transportation enterprise. Sparkle Roll Aviation Investment Ltd (a subsidiary of Sparkle Roll Holdings Limited) is the main investor, whose mission is to create the top brand amongst China’s business/corporate aviation service providers, under the current environment facilitated by China’s various levels of government and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) who plan to aggressively develop the commuter aviation industry, as well as the rapid developing market of China’s business aviation industry. Sparkle Roll Holdings Limited as a globally renowned and industry-leading enterprise in luxury brand management and the entertainment industry, is dedicated in the active development and innovation of China’s commuter aviation industry. 

SR Air’s focus is to provide a brand-new mode of high efficiency environmentally friendly, superior comfort travel for domestic regions, as a premium quality business commuter flight service, and to be a transitional provider between civil and Business Aviation.